Monday, June 18, 2012


Let me start by saying that I'm trying, I'm really, really trying not to be miserable here.  But Fate is making it impossible!

On Friday evening, my drive home from work was horrific.  I work roughly 12 miles from home, and with Austin traffic, it usually takes me about 20-25 minutes to get home.  On Friday, it took an hour.  And to make matters worse, there was no reason at all for it! There was no wreck, no stalled car, no person on the side of the road changing a tire (something that slows traffic down tremendously in Austin, since it's such an amazing sight, people have to slow down to see exactly how a tire is changed) nothing!
Then, today, Monday-THE VERY NEXT WORK DAY, it took me 45 minutes.  Really?  I sat idling, motionless for about 20 of those minutes.  At least today there was a wreck and gave some purpose to the delay. 

I am trying to convince myself that we've got 2 years remaining here and I have to accept it and be calm, but at this rate, I'm gonna be in the nervous hospital before one of those years is up. 
Add to that the stress of simply driving when you're not stuck in traffic. The people here are crap drivers! Steve was just almost hit on the way home today because some A-hole passed him on the wrong side and then had to cut in front of him because the guy was gonna have a head-on with someone coming the other way.  Then the A-hole did the same thing to the next person, but that one didn't work out so well for him because he ran out of road and had to pull into a parking lot.

Our good friends were just in a wreck on Saturday because some dumb B hit them (and no driver's licence or insurance, thank you very much!). 

On my way to work this morning (5:50) I got stuck in the slightest traffic jam because cops were showing up at the scene of a two car rollover.  It had just happened so I was able to get through that jam without much trouble.  But, really? You're going so fast during the morning commute that you roll your car?

Okay, I'm done bitching.  I'm gonna have some wine now.  It's the way I've been calming myself lately.
Great, now I'm gonna become a drunk and be put in the nervous hospital!

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