Sunday, June 3, 2012

Too excited!

By this time tomorrow morning we will be on the road, on our way to Colorado!!!!  I still can't help but wish it was for good, but that will  come in time.

I'm just a jumble of nervous energy and excitement.  I got up even earlier than usual this morning because I couldn't sleep.  I can't really do anything today until Steve gets up, but my mind was too busy going over everything to sleep. 

Yesterday we got an oil change on the Jeep and today we need to get Steve's hair cut and pick up some food for the baby and give the baby a bath (very important when he's going to meet new people), and pack our stuff up.  We've started getting things ready, sort of.  Have a list of items that we'll be taking and have started a little pile.  But the clothes and other items had to wait until last.

But you know what, even though I got up early, I sat at the computer and tried to work on The Rise of the Son, but I couldn't concentrate.  As much as I attempted to focus my attention on werewolves, I found my thoughts drifting to the sights we'll be seeing in Colorado.  And most of all, the sight of our new home-Woodland Park!

This will be my first time in Colorado and I know I'm going to just fall more in love with it than I already am.  Yeah!!!!

Good Lord, how and I ever going to get to sleep tonight?

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