Monday sucks

Ugh! I just can't handle Mondays! No matter how much I try to make it a good day, something happens to make it shitty. I think I'm seriously having a hard time dealing with work knowing I'm on my four-year countdown. Plus, it doesn't help that my freaking boss can't help but to think of new things for us to do and then assign someone (usually me) to do it.
Then, after a bad day, I have to fight the traffic on the way home. On top of that, I had to stop at HEB to pick up four items. It was like everyone and their mother was picking up something like there was a hurricane headed our way. Damn, I can't wait to get to Santa Fe. A smaller town! Please! Man, what would be really great would be that we hit the lottery and we could buy a house somewhere in the mountains away from everyone.
But tomorrow's another day, right? Tuesdays always have to be better than Mondays! Isn't that a law or something?


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