Boring day

I have not done anything all day. Well, that's not entirely true. I have fucked around on the computer all day trying to get Yahoo messenger to work. And besides that I did manage to go to the gym. Albeit I went to the gym at the apartments because I didn't feel like driving anywhere. And I did manage a load of laundry that has finally made it's way into the dryer after 8 hours. But other than that, nada. I didn't even practice the guitar like I was supposed to. I didn't practice yesterday either because I was finishing that lion.
But, I told my myself I would take it easy today and that's what I did. But I feel so guilty. I'm the type of guy that has to do something or I feel lazy. I feel like I've done something wrong. As I do now. But whatever.
Anyway, it was sad this morning to hear that Dixie Carter died. I loved her on Designing Women. I'm sure that's where most people will remember her from. She was 70. It didn't say what she died from, though. I feel badly for her husband. I couldn't imagine losing the one you love. It's my biggest fear. And like Edward Cullen, I have a plan for if it ever happens. As pathetic as that may sound.
Anyway, I hope whoever's reading this has a great week starting tomorrow.
Be nice to each other.


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