My ass hurts!

Yikes! I had a heavy leg workout yesterday and this morning I woke up, got out of bed and almost fell over. My legs and ass are killing me! (Did you think I meant something else? Dirty).
I feel pretty good this morning, aside from my paralyzed legs. I woke up earlier than I really wanted, but that's okay. I've already had breakfast, updated Facebook and now I'm working on this blog entry and it's only 6:24. Next I'll take Buster out and then hop in the shower and head off to the gym for some chest and back.
You know yesterday they announced the President Obama passed and action ordering hospitals to allow the patient to say who visits them. This was done for the same sex couples, of course. It was a really cool move by him. I never understood that rule by hospitals anyway. Who the hell are they to say who visits who? If I (God forbid) end up in the hospital for some reason, they don't know me. Who the fuck are they to say who can visit me? I hate the thought of Steve ever being in there and me not being able to get into this room. Holy shit, I would cause such a scene.
They kept talking about that lesbian who's partner, of I don't know how many years, ended up suddenly in the hospital and she was denied entry to her room and her partner died of a brain aneurysm. That is such a horrible story, I don't know what I would do.
Anyway, thanks Mr. President (I wonder if he'll read this entry titled My ass hurts).
Today, as long as the check gets here, I should be starting a new burning. It's of a Chesapeake Bay retriever. I'm doing if for someone. It should be interesting. I'm just worried about the curls in the coat. But we'll see how it goes.
Okay, that's it for now.
Be nice to each other.


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