A real vacation-

I have spent the last few weeks going over Luthor and making edits and doing yet another polish.  As a writer, every time you read your work you see something that would read a bit better if a few words were changed or a sentence was moved from the beginning to the end of a paragraph.  Over the years I have done this countless times to Luthor.  But this is the last time and it feels great.  Now it will go to the editor next week and that will be that.  And now that my job is done (until I get it back from the editor), I can finally relax.

Tomorrow starts our Christmas vacation.  Originally Steve and I were not going to be able to spend the Christmas holiday together because he was going to Amarillo to see his parents and I was going to stay home with the baby.  But as it ends up, we're all going.  This will be Buster's first long car ride.  I think he'll be fine (Please don't get sick in Steve's new Jeep).

As for me, well, Amarillo isn't the most picturesque place in the world, but we'll be together and that's all that we really care about.  (Yes, we're sickeningly still in love like that.)  There may be a chance that it will snow in Amarillo around Christmas and it will be the first white Christmas I've had in about 30 years.

But it won't be the last!

In a few years (two if my plan goes as we hope) we will be moving to Woodland Park and living the life we've been dreaming of for a while, in the mountains of Coloroado!

I wish all of you the happiest of holidays!  And I hope all your Christmas wishes come true.


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