Saturday, December 17, 2011

Okay, let's try this again . . .

Yes, it's me again.  And yes, I have faltered from posting for months on end again.  But as the title of the blog states, it's the ups and downs of a writer.  You have days when you feel that your career is about to make a complete 180, and then it all slips right through your fingers. 
There have been so many times when I simply wanted to give the whole thing up, forget the writing, forgetting getting that big break.  But being a writer, I can't.  It's in my blood.  And, as I've mentioned in earlier posts, I need to be successful for Steve.

Okay, let's get caught up.

I've completed the first two installments of my young adult series.  (Sorry, I still won't say anything more about them in fear of having the idea stolen.)  I've sent out tons of letters to agents and publishers but I get the same response: "We love the idea, but it's simply not right for us at this time."  In other words, fuck off.  But I know that one day that one person will see the potential in the series and they will be rewarded with its success. 

So, in the meantime I have revamped my book Luthor.  It's a book I wrote about 17 years ago.  It's one that is near and dear to my heart.  (It's mentioned in the bio on my book Blue Moon that we named our first golden retriever after the title character.)  And during the last week or so, I have had an epiphany.  I am about to embark on something with Luthor that I'm hoping will start turning things around for me, and possibly open up new doors for my young adult series. 
That's the main reason I've started posting in this blog again-to take you along for the ride.

What else? Oh, the movie that was being done based on Blue Moon, well, after about six years of dealing with it, the producer has pretty much fucked me (and not in a good way).  Now, the movie has been changed so much, the title is Blood Moon and it is only "inspired" by my book.  And I don't get a dime.
That was one of the reasons I was on a down period. 

But I'm being proactive as of late and I know things are about to change.  I hope you'll stick with me, and I promise I'll stick with you.


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