My rock-

I realized that a lot of you (most of you) who are reading this now are not that familiar with who I am.  It has only been within the last month or so that I've started reinventing myself with a new sense of vigor.
 Since I'm about to start a brand new chapter in my life, with all of you along for the ride, it seems only fitting to give you a bit of back story of what really gives me strength.  Of course you could go back and scroll through the past entries-broken and scattered as they are-but since this is a new chapter-let's start new . . .

I won't bore you with my childhood (trust me, it's not worth repeating).  Let's just jump to the important part.  That would have started the day Steve walked into my life about twenty years ago.  There was an instant attraction between us, and a bond that seems to be made of some indestructible material.  We were best friends for a year and spent every day together.  Unable to fight it, we realized a couple was what we were destined to be.
In 2008 we were married on the 40th floor of a hotel in Canada, overlooking Niagara Falls.

Steve has been my number one fan (sorry for the Annie Wilkes sound off) throughout the years.  Through my ups and downs (the many there have been) he has never faltered.  As I mentioned a few days ago, he is the main reason I keep writing.  He is the spark that keeps me going.  To finally, one day, show him that he was right to have faith in me.  He was right to keep pushing me.  He was right.

Each time I take on a new project, write another book, another screenplay, whatever, I feel one step closer to reaching that goal Steve has always known I can reach.  And I feel it again now.  Stronger than ever. 
And if you are reading this blog, then you are going to be a part of it.  And I thank you.


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