Struggling with myself-

I'm finding myself at a crossroads. Maybe not so much at a crossroad as much as I'm struggling with myself.
I have so much writing to do.  So many stories that need to be told. But as I push myself and push myself to write during every possible free opportunity, I'm finding that I'm burning myself out. Even though, three weeks ago, I took a week off from writing, I still feel a bit overwhelmed. I went from Luthor to The Rise of the Son into Inanimate Objects (coming in January) and straight into my current work in progress.
So yesterday I decided I would ease up and start a new wood burning, that way I can let my brain rest and get back into the swing if things. But my problem is, I'm not all that into the burning I'm working on because all I can think about is writing.
They say a true writer NEEDS to write, and in a case like this, I see the truth in those words.
But I will still try to take today off (even though I'm sitting on the couch writing in my blog) and get back to my WIP tomorrow.  
I think part of my problem is, even when I'm not in the act of writing, I'm thinking about story lines and marketing for what's to come and marketing for what's already out.
I need to make a point to let my brain rest when I'm not sitting at the computer.
Is it too early to make  New Year's resolution?


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