Stop the hatred!!!!!

Christians for a Moral America.

What a bunch of hate-filled, bigoted, hypocritical, psychopaths!  I heard today that they are praying for the death of George Michael because of his sinful life.  BECAUSE OF THE WAY HE WAS BORN!!!!!! 

These freaks, these “Christians”, who are supposed to be following Jesus’ word and loving thy neighbor and not judging, are praying for a person’s death! 

It is this very thing that infuriates me to no end.  It infuriates me because they are so self-righteous, and supposedly all-knowing, yet they have their eyes and minds closed to so many things, that they are more ignorant than any other group of people on the planet! 

These are the same type of freaks as the Westboro Baptist Church group, who also have an extreme stance against homosexuality and have been protesting fallen soldiers’ funerals.

Why are these hate groups allowed to continue to terrorize and harass innocent people?  In my opinion they are no different than terrorists groups and they need to be stopped.


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