As the time draws nearer, I find myself becoming more and more excited about what’s to come. Every step of the process that gets completed means one step closer. 
I’ve waited for so long.
I’m talking about the publication and eventual release of my latest book Luthor.
They say “there is a time for everything.”  Steve and I are true believers in that.  “Things happen for a reason.”  That’s another good one. 
This blog is called The Daily Ups and Downs of an Up and Coming Writer.  You’ve seen some of the Downs.  Now is time for an Up.
I’ve been writing for quite a few years.  And while it’s been fun and exciting, it has yet to bloom into the lifestyle-sustaining career I know it will eventually be.  I have spent many years struggling with, and in a way waiting for, that specific publisher to say yes, that one agent . . .
“There is a time for everything”-
It’s time to stop waiting.
“Things happen for a reason”-
I wrote Luthor almost 18 years ago.  It never got published.  It got close a few times, but could never break through the horde of other writers struggling for the same sacred spots on the bestsellers lists.
But it was always my favorite work.  There was always that special place I held inside for Luthor.  We even named our first golden retriever after the title character.  And while the years walked on as they do, Luthor sat in that proverbial closet.
“Things happen for a reason”-
“There is a time for everything”-
Luthor’s story didn’t get published because it wasn’t time for the world to meet him.  Now that the time is right, they soon will. 
And now that the time is right, you will all be there to share in the journey.  If this had happened 18 years ago, I wouldn’t have had a blog or Facebook or Twitter to share the process.
The manuscript is due back from the editor’s next week, then I will make the (most likely very few) corrections that need to be addressed and the countdown will begin, because then it will be off to the publisher.
The cover art is almost done and will be released soon.  I can’t wait for you to see it.
By the way, the picture above is of Pike’s Peak in Colorado.  I retire from my day job in three years.  When I do, that’s where we’ll be moving.  With some help from Luthor, I hope to shorten that by a year.
There are a lot of exciting things starting for me and my little family. 
The anticipation is always there.  Every day it gets stronger and stronger.
I can’t wait for you to meet him.


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