Friday, February 11, 2011

Another few days have gone by and another rejection has come in the mail. But that's okay, it's to be expected. I just send out another query to replace the one rejected.
I would have been a bit more upset about the second rejection letter arriving, but I feel too good to be upset. You see, I know what I have. I know it and Steve knows it. And now, someone else knows it, too, and had reaffirmed to me that I have something special here.
The book is in such an early stage of getting out there that only three people have read it: Steve, my editor (who said it was great, but I was paying her) and now a friend of mine.
Now you may say, "Oh, a friend. Of course a friend is going to say they love it." But my friends know that saying things just to make me feel good doesn't really help me in my cause. And I would have known if this person was just saying nice things to be nice. You can hear things like that in a person's voice, especially one you know so well.
This friend loved the book. She even started rereading it again as soon as she finished and has asked to hold onto it for another day or so to read it again.
I can think of no bigger compliment than someone finishing your book and turning to page one to read it again.
Needless to say, I'm on cloud nine. (What's so great about cloud nine, anyway? Are clouds one through eight only mediocre?)
So, no matter how many rejection letters come (knock wood, there won't be many more) I feel confident that in the next few months, someone, somewhere will take the chance and request the manuscript and see what my friend saw and then, IT'S ON!
Later-Be nice to each other.

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