Sick for vacation

Well, I finished the Chesapeake Bay retriever, but I haven't sent it off to the person I did it for because she went out of town, so I have no idea what she thinks of it yet. I hope she likes it. I'm pretty sure she will.

Anyway, I start my vacation today, and wouldn't you fucking know it, I got sick on Thursday! It was just allergies (I'm hoping it still is just allergies), but this morning I woke up feeling worse. My head is stuffed up, my nose is stuffed up, my throat is raw. Grrrrrrr, I'm so mad. I was going to try to spend every day at the gym while I was off. But now, I'm headed to the gym just so I can go and sit in the sauna to try and seat this shit out. That's not how my vacation was supposed to start!
What else is going on? Mmmm, oh, yeah, nothing! We were going to try and drive to Santa Fe for this week that I'm off, thank God we decided to hold off. Other than that, we have nothing going on. I wish the fucking movie would get done. I'm so sick and tired of waiting. It's been three freaking years! It's not War and Peace, for God sake.
Okay, that's it for now. Be nice to each other.


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