Trying to just chill-

It's vacation time again.  Steve and I are both off this week.  We don't have anything really concrete planned, but that's good.  We're just gonna do whatever comes up.

I managed to finish Inanimate Object Friday night.  I was so glad that I did, this way I can truly do nothing while I'm on vacation and try to chill.  The key word there is TRY. 

I wanted to stop writing for the week, thought my brain deserved it.  I've been going and going for most of the year. 
In January I was working on the final polishes for Luthor and then worked on getting published.  Once that was done, I started working on the sequel to Blue Moon, The Rise of the Son.  And once that was done and published I worked on Inanimate Objects

So, yes, I need a break.  But needing one and convincing my brain and heart that I'm on one is another thing entirely.  All day yesterday I had the nagging feeling that I should be doing something.  Felt as if I'm avoiding my duties.  Then I had to consciously remind myself, "No, Pol, you're on vacation.  You're not supposed to be doing anything.  Remember?"

But this morning I had to at least do a blog entry so that I may possibly calm that nagging feeling a bit. 

Steve and I are planning on starting the Twilight movies tonight.  We're gonna watch them all from 1-4 (pt1).  The final movie comes out on the 16 and we can't wait!  Although I know we'll have to wait until all the screaming little girls have gone to see it.  Then, it'll be time for the screaming adults. 

Okay, that's it.  I just wanted to get this little blog entry done and appease the nagging in my writing brain.  Let's hope it works.


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