Life of Pi-

Well, I just finished reading Life of Pi and I loved it.

It's weird, I had never even heard of this book before. Then, one day, Steve and I were at the movies and he was in the concession line and I was looking around at the upcoming movies. There it was: a tall thee-sided display for a movie called Life of Pi.  One side was covered in meerkats and the other had a whale and the third had a lifeboat with a boy in it and a Bengal tiger. Of course my interest was peeked.  As soon as I got home I looked up the trailer and the movie looked amazing.
Something told me that I wanted to read the book. So I went on Amazon and purchased the eBook. I devoured the story.
The weird part is that I have heard so many people tell me they, too, love the book and had read it long ago.

Now I can't wait for the movie to come out even more so. I just have to make a conscious effort not to continuously compare the movie to the book, since there are inevitably going to be differences.

I had to keep telling Steve about the book while i was reading it, so now, he wants to read it, too. I love that because it will be something we will share.

Life of Pi- what a great book!


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