Sunday, March 21, 2010

Twice in one day!

I've been known to go twice in one day (trust me on this).
Anyway, I had to post again because, one: I have been lax in posting, (not that anyone gives a fuck), but two: I just read that Jennifer Lopez has been signed on to do the remake of Overboard! What in God's name? Why the hell does Hollywood have to do so many fucking remakes? Guys like me who have eight damn screenplays that he's trying to get out, and all Hollywood can do is remake shit that's not even that old.
I'm annoyed.
And beside the fact that Overboard doesn't need to be remade . . . Jennifer Lopez? That's a terrible choice!
Okay, that's it.
I'm out.
(By the way, for those of you who do happen to read this blog, you like the new look? I'm trying to get into it again, so I thought I would spruce things up a bit.)

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