Lazy Sunday afternoon

Well, it's Sunday. I've been to the gym, cleaned the apartment, done some burning, walked Buster, and practiced the guitar. Steve's working, of course, so I'm just waiting for him to come home.
I'm at that point again where I feel like I'm just spinning my wheels. I have two followers here (and I doubt either of them ever still check in), and I've created an artwork page on Facebook but have started to feel as if nobody gives two shits about that either. But if I were to just sit around and do nothing I think I would go crazy. It's just not in me. So I do what I do in hopes that one day it will all pay off.
I know in four years or so I will retire from the City and after that Steve and I will move to Santa Fe. That is a definite thing. I can't wait until we can start a new life. I'm so sick of Austin. I'm so sick of the traffic and the people (who get ruder and ruder as more and more people move here). I'm really sick of my job, but who's not, right? I know Steve's at his wits end, too. But as I said, before we know it, we'll be moving and starting a new life. It will be scary, but it will be great.
I'm trying to make a point to post here more often. So, even if I come on here and bitch about stuff, at least I'll be posting. Then, perhaps, people will will start reading, just to see what I'm bitching about now.
I don't really have anything political to talk about, because I'm not that political. I get pissed off when I read shit on CNN about gays in the military and how they're gonna make them have separate cabins or whatever they're called. Nice segregation there, dicks! If it were black people or any other race and they tried to do that it would start a war. It's all the stupid people like my freak sister and her religious cult. It doesn't help with Africa and their stupid laws. So ignorant.
Anyway, that's it for today.
Please be nice to each other, there's already too much hate in the world.


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