Sunday before vacation

It's the Sunday morning before my vacation starts. Well, a lot of people are off on Monday, so technically my vacation starts on Tuesday. But whatever, I'm off until next week!
Steve's off today so that will be nice. It seems we never get days of together anymore. But that will all change when we we win the HGTV Dream Home! It's in Santa Fe! It's a sign. We were meant to win this one. We enter three times a day (once a day per email address) and Steve mailed off some postcards for us, too.
I know there are a lot of people entering, but there is no room for doubt. We've put it out in the universe that we're gonna win (plus pray to God each night). Got all the bases covered.
As for the now, I'm just chillin'. It's only seven in the morning. I've been up since 6:30. Steve won't be up for another few hours. Until then I'll work on my new burning (wait til you see it, it's gonna be cool), then I may read a little. Then, who know. The day is young, and I've got seven more of them lined up where I don't have to do shit. And I'm gonna enjoy it.
Be nice to each other.


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