A new day-

It's a new day and things seem a whole lot better. Not that things have changed much. The weather's still hot as all hell. Work still sucks. The house hasn't sold. But it seems a good night's sleep (and a big glass of wine) makes all the difference.

Steve is working a double again today. That part of the day sucks, but we spoke a few times and he's doing okay. I worked on the burning I'm doing (the black panther) and it's coming along nicely. It's just taking a while because, well it's a black panther.

Saturday we're going to see Harry Potter, I just got our tickets online. And, I found out some good news about the Twilight movie series. As you probably know New Moon comes out in November. Well, the third one, Eclipse, comes out the following June! They're gonna crank them out, which is great!

Well, I'm gonna keep it short today because I have some things to do. I'll check back with you soon.


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