Again with the plan change-

Well, Mr. & Mr. Undecided are at it again. Remember I just told you about the plan Steve and I made to take a two week driving trip to Portland? We've changed our minds. We started putting the whole trip together, figuring out how many hours a day we'd have to drive and all that crap, and we realized that it may be too much for the baby to be cramped in the jeep for so long. Of course we'd stop every few hours to rest and stuff, but still, to make it there and back and do what we wanted to do, we'd have to push ourselves and we don't think it would work out.
We still want to go to Portland, but we think we'll just fly. That way, while we're there, we can do a day trip and drive into Canada and visit Vancouver.
So now we're trying to figure out what else we want to do. We still want to take a trip with the three of us, but we can't figure out what to do. We thought about going to the Texas coast, but that seemed boring. We want to camp, but not spend the whole time camping because we have a feeling we'd get bored pretty quickly.
Oh, fuck, I don't know!
We still have to sell this house before anything happens anyway, so we have time to figure this all out.
Anyway, I haven't started another wood burning yet because I'm waiting for a new pen that I ordered. It's vented. Nice. Maybe my hand will come out of each project a little less traumatized. I can't wait to start that panther, it'll be pretty sweet (I posted the picture in the first blog or so).
Well, I'm just killing time right now before I get ready to go to the gym. It opens at 8 and it's only 7:30. Then I'll tackle the grocery store and then come home and wait until the fireworks start and have to soothe Buster all night. He's one of those big dogs who are afraid of fireworks. He'll spend the entire night pacing around and hiding behind chairs and shit. It's the one thing I dread about the 4th of July. And this year I'm a bit reluctant to celebrate anyway. I mean, we're supposed to celebrate our independence, but some of us aren't free enough to marry who we want.
Anyway, I'm not gonna get into that.
I wish everyone a safe holiday. Be nice to each other.


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