Sunday, July 19, 2009

Burning on a Sunday afternoon-

What's up? As you can see, I've been busy on my latest wood burning project. I'm taking a break right now.
It's going to be my favorite, I can tell. It's been hard, but I've worked on it every day and I'm finally at the stage that I call "fun-shading". The initial shading of this piece was hard and laborious because I was just getting all the black parts black, and that was a lot of fucking shading.
Now, the shading is the kind where I can add different levels of shade, and that gives the picture all kinds of realism.
I still have a long way to go, as you can see by the cat's blank expression. I haven't even gotten to the hair on the face, and that's done one hair at a time.
I'm saving the eyes for last because I'm gonna try something different with this one. I'm going to color the eyes they are in the original photo, which is a really deep gold. I have to get some oil-based colored pencils to do that. I can't wait until it's done, it's gonna look sweeeet!
Okay, break's over. I'm going back to work.

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