I've been hard at work on a book that is close to my heart (as are all of them, I suppose). 
My current work, Squish-Squash, was written a long time ago, and was born from the idea of a nightmare my husband had as a child, and developed into something I had never imagined.
I originally wrote it in book form, but never really pushed for publication, for one reason or another.  Then I turned it into a screenplay, then shopped it around in attempts to get it made into a movie. I actually came very close, getting the script through several people at Regent only to be stopped dead at the main man, who decided to pass.  

But now, with the revamping of all of my books, in this wonderful new time in my life, where opportunities are presenting themselves around every corner, I am preparing to bring out another of my favorites. 

Squish-Squash is a swamp creature, but as you will soon discover, it is so much more than that. 

         "Muddy waters, swampy lands, listen for the Squish-Squash running on its hands."


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