Completely done!

It's done. It's completely done! We closed on the house yesterday. The new people, a mother and daughter, seemed really nice and like they're gonna take care of our house. We'll miss it a lot, but we're glad it'll be in good hands.
So, we're just about all settled in the new apartment. I feel kind of weird calling it our new home, but I guess that's what it is. Home is where the heart is and where ever Steve and Buster are. So, for the next 13 months, this is home.
It feels a bit better in here today since they finally came in and turned on the phone, TV and Internet service. We were going crazy! You never know how much you rely on some things until they're not there.
Buster seems to be adapting pretty well. He's still a bit nervous about things, but he's panting less and starting to fall back into old habits. I hope he doesn't miss his backyard too much. Honestly, he didn't go back there a lot unless we were there with him.
So, it's a new beginning. Our new adventure has begun full swing.
That means I gotta go, because I got work to do!


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