Amost time

It's almost the weekend, which means it's almost Monday, which means it's almost time for us to be moving out. It's been a bit tough at times, but we're being strong. You can't move forward if you don't have change, and change is what's about to happen.
I hope Buster will be okay with it. Our other baby, Luthor, got so depressed when we moved from our first house to an apartment for a while. He was just out of it for almost two weeks, maybe three. It broke my heart that he didn't live long enough to get back to another house. He died only a couple of months before we were to move in here. But, things happen for a reason. Luthor had to go so Buster would be brought into our lives. Now I fear for his happiness as we leave this house.
But, the place we're going is great and he'll have a lots of friends to play with.
The house is all but packed. We've been living with two plates and a few glasses for about a week now. It's kind of making us crazy.
Other than that, not much has been happening. Once we're in the new place, the sequel to Blue Moon, The Rise of the Son, will begin the publishing process. I can't wait.
Steve's still been working his ass off, but that, too, will slow down once we're settled. Everything's kind of up in the air right now. Kind of chaotic. But that's what happens with change, right?
Well, I have to go tend to my farm on freaking Face Book. I swore I would not get hooked into one of those games, and yet I find myself with a growing crop and more and more animals.


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