Blahs again

Well, it's happening again. That feeling of negativity that invades my soul every so often. 

I can't help but go through periods of excitement while I'm writing and when I release a book, but I quickly fall back to earth when things don't play out the way they did in my imagination. 

I work my ass off for what?

I published with self-publishing companies like iUniverse in the past and spent way too much money. Then I began publishing eBooks because that's where the money was being made and it was more cost friendly.  I did better, but not great. 
Eventually, I started turning those eBooks into paperbacks because many people voiced how they don't like eBooks, but those paperbacks sit with no action. 

There are more times than I care to recall that I just want to give it all up.

But I know I won't. I won't, not simply be use I can't stop writing, but because I owe it to Steve to do everything possible to provide him with a secure future. 

But something needs to give. Selling one or two eBooks a month isn't going to cut it. 

I try not to post too many of these entries because they're bummers, but it's the ups and downs of a writer, that's the whole point of the blog.

Sure would like to have more ups though. 


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