Love the cold!

It's gotten cold in Austin, yet again this year! It's only December, and we've had two really cold blasts! 

But don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, not by a long shot.  I absolutely love it!  Perhaps it's because I've been in Austin for so long, and the cold weather usually doesn't hit us until January or February, I cherish every moment the temps are below 60.

As most of you know, Steve and I will be moving to Colorado after I retire from my day job (just over 13 months, and counting).  People ask us why we would want to move to a place that gets so cold and where it snows so much.  We tell them that we WANT the cold. And it's supposed to snow in the winter. We are tired of having it be 70 or 80 degrees on Christmas Day. 

When it gets cold here, the way it had the past few weeks, I consider it training. And I won't (WE won't) be fully happy until we can look outside and watch the snow fall on Christmas Day, with a roaring fire in the fireplace. Not to mention sledding!

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!


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