Self doubt

As a writer, self doubt comes with the territory. I try to fight it as much as I can, but there are times when it seems so much stronger than me. 

I am currently in such a battle. 

This blog was created to show the ups and downs of being a writer. And if anyone has followed it for the past few years, you have seen the downs get pretty down. I'll admit, the past year has been the best yet, but still, I feel that I struggle harder than others have to.
Each new book that comes out I think is going to be the one that will really put me on the map, but later on I feel only slightly further on my journey to success. 

When Serpenteens-Nature's Forces came out, I thought it would take off because it was something that no one had ever seen before.  But the word isn't spreading as quickly as I had hoped.  Obviously, I need to understand that I am but one in a sea of thousands, and I simply can't wave my arms to be noticed, I need a flare.  But at times like these I feel as if my supplies are running out, and I may be lost at sea forever. 

But I will never quit. I can't quit. I won't because I would regret it. I can't because, well, because I'm a writer. 


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