Review for Genie in a Bottle

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Your perception of genies will forever be altered after reading Genie In a Bottle: the First Wish

"Set in modern times, a genie is released by the main character, Madison. Madison could use some luck, some joy, something new - her mother has passed away, her dad hasn't recovered financially, and neither have recovered emotionally. The entire story is woven around Madison's first wish, however, many adventurous stories unfold as she struggles to decide what the first precious wish should be.
The building tension between Madison and Inas the Genie is just right for young adult readers and older. As a devoted fan of Pol McShane's Serpenteens series, I admire McShane's thought and research into his subject matter.
Genie In a Bottle redefined my notions of genies - their origins, their captivity, their purpose, their turmoil involved with granting wishes, their wisdom, their careful execution of granting wishes, their interactions with other genies. McShane is handing us a new perspective of genies."

If you haven't yet met Inas the Genie, click here!


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